Beppe Bornaghi


His extensive musical and technological expertise, combined with over twenty years of experience in different sectors of the music industry, enables Beppe Bornaghi to collaborate with various national and international brands. He offers development ideas, Italian localization of software, user assistance, and training.


For over thirty years, MidiMusic has been a leading company in the dissemination of technology applied to music and sound.

MidiMusic Educational was established as a reference point for technological diffusion in education and the training/certification of musicians and teachers across Italy. The Educational section aims to train teaching professionals, providing in-depth sector expertise through the use of new music technologies.


  • Italian localization of software
  • Technical music assistance for users

MidiMusic Educational:

  • National Director of MidiMusic Educational
  • Instructor

For information and assistance: 

+39 3343262687

(Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 14:00 | 20:00 to 21:00)


 Edizioni musicali Curci is one of the most renowned Italian music publishing companies, with over a century of activity and a repertoire of many successes.

Curci fa scuola is a project by Edizioni Curci aimed at music teachers of all levels and professional musicians. It offers a comprehensive proposal to meet current training and updating needs, developed together with the authors of the methodologies in the catalog.

 Edizioni Curci:

  • Author of music technology books for the Curci Audio Pro series (learn more)

Curci fa Scuola:

  • Conducts music technology courses for teachers of all levels (learn more)


Dexibell was founded with the idea of creating digital musical instruments that meet the highest expectations of musicians.

The creative energy of DEXIBELL exists thanks to the experience and talent of a globally recognized research and development team.

“Innovation, tradition, and passion without compromise.”

Dexibell’s mission is the continuous development of proprietary technology to achieve previously unimaginable results, harmonizing innovation, tradition, and music.


  • Product Specialist and demonstrator of digital pianos nationwide

For more information, write to:


doozzoo by C. Bechstein is a German platform, developed in 2017 by musicians, programmers, and education experts, offering a specific solution for online, in-person, and hybrid music lessons.

Doozzoo focuses on music and the student experience, seamlessly blending online and in-person instruction. Besides excellent sound quality, Doozzoo optimizes all classroom workflows and is designed to handle even technically complex peripherals. With local latency compensation, everything stays synchronized.

Promotes the platform across Italy and develops educational projects for schools and conservatories

For further information, write to:


The history of the La Scuola SEI Group began in the early 1900s, with the founding of its publishing houses. In 2018, Editrice La Scuola and SEI Società Editrice Internazionale merged into a single group, joined by Edizioni Il Capitello in May 2022.

Over this century-long journey, the values of the Group’s educational mission have taken root: stimulating a passion for knowledge and supporting the formation of responsible and aware citizens, from early childhood to secondary school.

Creates multimedia content for primary school books

For information, write to:

Soundtrap for Education

Soundtrap for Education offers students and teachers a rich opportunity to explore creative audio recording, adapting to any subject, age group, and skill level.

Collaborates with Didattiva to train teachers and students in using Soundtrap for Education.

Ear Master Cloud for Education

EarMaster Cloud transforms ear training into a simple and engaging experience for students, providing a comprehensive solution for schools, conservatories, choirs, and private studios.

Collaborates with Didattiva to train teachers and students in using EarMaster Cloud in educational contexts.