Beppe Bornaghi


Il docente tecnologico

A practical and comprehensive guide for music teachers who want to integrate computer technology into their courses without having any specific training. This guide takes the reader step-by-step through the vast opportunities offered by the digital world in every aspect of music teaching.

Easy to read, packed with examples, practical tips, in-depth sections, and additional online materials: with the “Bornaghi method,” music technology becomes an incredible opportunity for everyone.


The updated guide for Finale version 27 is available through the Edizioni Curci Digital app or as supplementary content for those who purchase the printed version.

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about the world’s most popular music notation program is now in one book: “Finale, Guida operativa.

This guide covers all the features of Finale 27 as well as those common to the more recent versions of the software in Italian. It’s also useful for users of Finale 2014, Finale 25, and Finale 26.

The book includes dozens of no-speaking video examples on the topics covered, available online with exclusive access.

Studio One

This operational guide provides clear and organized information to produce music, both in the studio and live, using Studio One 5 (the world’s most powerful DAW). The guide also includes a series of no-speaking mini video tutorials to help you follow along with the functions discussed.

L'avventura dei Linguaggi
Arte e Immagine | musica

A simple and user-friendly book. The art and music subject book included in the new educational project for primary schools by Editrice La Scuola Sei

OBS Studio e OBS Streamlabs

A handy operational guide dedicated to OBS Studio and OBS Streamlabs. Designed for broadcasting, perfect for streaming or recording, used for gameplay, individual or group lessons, corporate presentations, or remote meetings, the OBS platform can complement all commonly used programs and enhance the effectiveness of smart working


Didattica musicale a distanza

A concise booklet with essential practical instructions for working calmly, continuously, and effectively.

Whether it’s individual lessons, group lessons, or online ensemble music projects, this compendium also offers the chance to leverage acquired skills for transitioning from Distance Learning (DAD) to Integrated Digital Teaching (DDI).

The volume includes video examples supporting the concepts discussed, available online with exclusive access.


Notion 6 is a powerful and versatile software for music notation and composition. This book guides you through exploring all its capabilities with a practical and operational approach: discover how to create scores using a MIDI device, write freehand, compose from a single instrument to a full orchestra, prepare parts, create tablatures, work in sync with a video, and parallel with Studio One using the Rewire protocol, and much more.

The volume also includes no-speaking mini video tutorials on the topics covered, available as digital content with exclusive access.