Beppe Bornaghi

Beppe Bornaghi

Music Technology Educator | Pianist | Composer

With over 20 years of experience teaching music in primary schools across Lombardy, Beppe Bornaghi has successfully integrated technology into music education to enrich the learning process and promote inclusion. His mindful approach to using technology has enhanced the musical education of many students, making learning more accessible and engaging, especially for the youngest learners.

As the National Director of Midimusic Educational and Finale Italy, he conducts courses and masterclasses in music technology for students and teachers at the most prestigious schools nationwide. Currently, he teaches at the “Politecnico delle Arti di Bergamo“, theCPM Music Institute” in Milan, and theIITM” in Rome.

He writes music technology manuals for Curci Audio Pro and conducts teacher training courses for Curci fa scuola. Additionally, he serves as a product specialist for Dexibell and represents doozzoo in Italy.

As a composer, he has released seven instrumental albums, two albums as a singer-songwriter, and three singles. Since 2022, he has been a member of AIMI (Italian Association of Music Informatics).


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album beppe bornaghi
album beppe bornaghi
album beppe bornaghi
album beppe bornaghi
album beppe bornaghi
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His extensive expertise in both music and technology, combined with twenty years of experience across various music sectors, enables him to collaborate with numerous national and international brands. He offers development ideas, Italian localization of software, user assistance, and training.


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Key Competencies

Music Technology

Music Technology Educator: Conducts courses and masterclasses for teachers and students, both online and in-person. Creates professional sheet music transcriptions and provides technical assistance and support.


Pianist and composer: Piano and music theory instructor.


National Director of the Educational Section at Midimusic

Product Specialist

Product specialist for Dexibell Digital Pianos.

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